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Musician Veronica Nunes has brought her warm tunes all the way to Austin.

Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Veronica Nunes began playing music at a young age, growing up listening to a mix of classical music and the traditional styles of her native Brazil. Also a member of the New York-based band Brazooka, Nunes released her debut album Pra Fugir da Saudade, an ode to the samba tradition and her home, alongside guitarist and composer Ricardo Vogt in 2013. Featuring a charming series of reinterpretations of the Brazilian samba rhythm guided by soft vocals and Vogt’s elegant custom guitar, the album is a fluid listen weaving in traces of jazz and folk.

You can see Veronica Nunes performing live at the Cactus Cafe on June 25th and you can stream her music right here on KUTX.


Listen to the interview here:







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