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Third Album Coming Soon!

Feb 17th 2019

Veronica Nunes third album is almost finished. The album was recorded in Rio de Janeiro and NYC and produced by Ricardo Vogt and Arthur Maia. The third album features extraordinaire guests Arthur Maia on bass, Paulo Braga on drums, Ricardo Vogt on guitar, Jerry Bergonzi on saxophone, Jonathan Powell on trumpet, Devon Yesberger on piano and Rafael Barata on drums and percussion. Stay tuned! 

Tem Mais Samba

August 2018

Veronica Nunes second album 'Tem Mais Samba' is now available on all digital music platforms. 

Tem Mais Samba is an evolved sequence of Veronica Nunes debut album Pra Fugir da Saudade. The album has fresh arrangements and interpretations of a carefully selected repertoire of classical and contemporary Brazilian songs. 
Produced by Ricardo Vogt, the album features extraordinaire musicians Marshall Gilkes on trombone, Gregoire Maret on harmonica, Leo Genovese on fender rhodes and Rafael Barata on drums and percussion. 
The album was recorded in New York, Rio de Janeiro and Austin, and mastered in Tokyo.

Debut concert Vancouver BC

July 9th 2018

Veronica Nunes and Ricardo Vogt performed together for the fist time in Vancouver on July 9th 2018. 

Hua Hin Jazz Festival 2018 (Thailand)

May 2018

Veronica Nunes and Ricardo Vogt performed at Hua Hin Jazz Festival in Thailand on April 2018.

Beishan Music Festival 2018

May 2018

Veronica Nunes and Ricardo Vogt performed for the 4th consecutive time at the Beishan Music Festival on May 2018.

DJD World Music Festival

May 2018

Veronica Nunes and Ricardo Vogt performed for the second time at the DJD World Music Festival in Baoding, China in May 2018.

Enodorsed by Godin Guitars

June 2017

Godin Guitars developed their first cavaquinho model for Veronica Nunes.

Veronica Nunes and Ricardo Vogt performed for the 3rd consecutive time at the Beishan World Music Festival in Zhuhai, China. This time, the duo performed as a trio, with the drummer Diego Oliveira accompaning the Duckling Choir, a Chinese children choir that the duo has been coaching.

Veronica Nunes & Ricardo Vogt did their China debut touring in 5 cities in Guangdong province from April 21-24th 2016. They performed in Shenzhen on April 21st, Shunde 22nd, Zhuhai 23rd and Guangzhou April 24th. In October 2016, the duo returned to China and Hong Kong to perform for the second time at the Hong Kong International Jazz Festival, Beishan International Jazz Festival and at DJD International Music Festival in Baoding, China.

Veronica Nunes performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music live series along with Ricardo Vogt, Marshall Gilkes and Alex Kautz on Saturday night, on Oct 17th 2015. 

Veronica Nunes and Ricardo Vogt released their debut album and  toured in Japan in the end of September 2015. The duo released their album through the Japanese label "Festina Lente" and performed seven shows in Tokyo and had two radio interviews to Tokyo FM and InterFM radios. 

Veronica Nunes and Ricardo Vogt performed at the Honk Kong international Jazz Festival on October 3rd, 2015. The show happened at The Honk Kong City Hall Theatre in Hong Kong.

Musician Veronica Nunes has brought her warm tunes all the way to Austin.

Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Veronica Nunes began playing music at a young age, growing up listening to a mix of classical music and the traditional styles of her native Brazil. Also a member of the New York-based band Brazooka, Nunes released her debut album Pra Fugir da Saudade, an ode to the samba tradition and her home, alongside guitarist and composer Ricardo Vogt in 2013. Featuring a charming series of reinterpretations of the Brazilian samba rhythm guided by soft vocals and Vogt’s elegant custom guitar, the album is a fluid listen weaving in traces of jazz and folk.

You can see Veronica Nunes performing live at the Cactus Cafe on June 25th and you can stream her music right here on KUTX.

Veronica Nunes and Ricardo Vogt perform at the Goa International Jazz Festival on November 29th, 2014  featuring special guests.

Show at Mampf Jazz, Germany

August 23rd 2014

With a full house and enthusiastic audience, Veronica Nunes and Ricardo Vogt performed their project for the first time in Germany at Mampf Jazz Club in Frankfurt, on August 23rd.

Performance by Veronica Nunes (voice and cavaquinho), Ricardo Vogt (guitar), Jonathan Powell (trumpet), Marshall Gilkes (trombone), Livio Almeida (saxophone), Benhur Oliveira (drums) and Binha (percussion) at Fat Cat NYC on August 5th, 2014.

Veronica Nunes debut album, Pra Fuigir da Saudade is now available on iTunes

Veronica Nunes performed her debut  album, Pra Fugir da Saudade, at Joe's Pub at The Public Theatre in NYC on August 10th 2014.The Public Theater

425 Lafayette Street 
New York, NY 10003

Veronica Nunes was invited to be part of the Fall faculty of 2014 at SAM Academy of Music in Chennai, India. The singer will be traveling with her music partner, guitarist Ricardo Vogt, who will also be teaching at the same university.

This is the third time the duo will be touring in India and this time they will be doing  recordings and collaborations with local artist.

Making music with children in India

March 2014

In May 2014, Veronica Nunes and Ricardo Vogt visited the Shishu Mandir Orfanate in Bangalore, India, where they spent an afternoon playing music with one hundred kids between the ages 8 and 14. 

November 2013

 In November of 2013 Veronica Nunes and Ricardo Vogt performed for Gilberto Gil during one of his tours in the US. 

October 27th, 2013

On Ocotber 27th Veronica Nunes and Ricardo Vogt performed at the Go Mad Festival, in Ooty, India.

November 2013

In November of 2013, while touring in India, Veronica Nunes and Ricardo Vogt did several music workshops at different schools in India, like GMI in New Delhi, Taacademy and Nathaniel School of Music in Bangalore.  

In August 2013 Veronica Nunes and Ricardo Vogt performed at the Caribbean Music Festival, St Barths Summer Sessions, in St Barths. 

In March 2014, Veronica Nunes and Ricardo Vogt gave an interview with live performane at HIT 95FM - Delhi's #1 HIT Music Radio. Listen to it here:

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